engineering economics factor

Engineering Economics Factors establish the relationship between present value of money or P, future value of money or F, uniform payment or A, uniform slope payment or G. Due to the large amount of calculations in engineering economics analysis, tables of engineering economics factors have been placed at the end of engineering economics books for a long time, which makes calculations somewhat easier. However, in some cases, due to the lack of this factor, interpolation is required for the interest rate values and the number of periods, which requires more calculations and makes the analyst’s work difficult. Optimization City Group has made it possible to calculate the engineering economy factors BY ONLINE

Note: To use this online tool, it is enough to enter the value of the interest rate (for example, enter 10% as 10), the number of periods (enter 10 for 10 years), the type of factor (to convert the present value to the future value use the F/P factor) and enter the number of decimal places (e.g. 4 for a display with four decimal places).

Given interest rate 15.2%, enter 15.2

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