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Welcome to the critical value calculator by ONLINE! Here you can quickly determine the critical values for most common distributions in statistical testing. In the following, we are focusing on F distribution.

Hypothesis test is a method of statistical inference used to decide whether the data at hand sufficiently support a particular hypothesis, namely null hypothesis. Critical values allow you to decide whether to reject or non-reject the null hypothesis. Critical values divide the scale of your test statistic into the rejection region and non-rejection region.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Specify the degrees of freedom ,d1 and d2, of the F distribution.
  2. Set the significance level, p. You can choose the value to the set {0.95,0.975,0.99}.
  3. Set the decimal digit as you require.
  4. The critical value, Fd1,d2,p will then be calculated correspondingly.

The figure below shows the relationship between the above parameters.

critical value of f distribution online calculator

Example: Calculate the critical value of F distribution with d1=10 and d2=5 and significance level (p) = 0.95. It is shown by F10,5.0.95. The decimal digit is 4. The following figure shows the value of F distribution.

critical value of f distribution online calculator 2

The F10,5,0.95=3.3258 displays on output box. The concept of this calculation is shown below.

critical value of f distribution online calculator 3