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Parametric linear programming Course Note 4

Course 4 : Parametric linear programming Author: OptimizationCity Group Sensitivity analysis Sensitivity analysis is a procedure that is implemented after obtaining the optimal solution. Sensitivity analysis determines the sensitivity of the optimal solution against certain changes in the original model. As mentioned before, one of the assumptions of linear programming is that the parameters of […]

Duality Theory and Dual Simplex Method Course Note 3

Course 3 : Duality Theory and Dual Simplex Method Author: OptimizationCity Group Introduction One of the most important discoveries in the early development of linear programming was the concept of duality and its many important specification. This discovery revealed that every linear programming problem has associated with it another linear programming problem called the dual. […]

Primal Simplex Method Course Note 2

Course 2 : Primal simplex method Author: OptimizationCity Group Introduction The initial simplex method is a systematic repeated procedure until it finally reaches the desired or optimal solution. The set of steps that is repeated each time in such a process is called an iteration. Basics of the primal simplex method In an algebraic method, […]

Linear Programming Course Note 1

Course 1: Modeling Linear Programming Author: OptimizationCity Group What is Operations Research? Operations research is a scientific approach to the decisions that are made during the operation of organized systems. In other words, operations research is used in issues related to the guidance and coordination of operations and various activities. Operations research is used in […]